Profile Optimization

Profile Optimization = Clear Personal Brand Message

LinkedIn ProfileThe foundation of any effective LinkedIn strategy is a fully optimized LinkedIn profile. All of your online activity (and a lot of your offline activity) will point towards your profile.
Our one-on-one Profile Optimization Session will help you create a clear, coherent, focused profile that shares your brand message with your clients. In this 60 minute session, you will work directly with a coach to:
  • Develop a clear understanding of your target audience and the best message to communicate to them
  • Learn best practices on the 3 most important parts of your LinkedIn profile
  • Construct a meaningful LinkedIn summary, including using approved multimedia files like videos, presentations, and brochures
  • Use the additional profile sections, like previous experience, certifications, and volunteer work, to stand out from the crowd
  • Include appropriate industry and professional language to get found
When we are done, you will have a LinkedIn profile that encourages your prospects to reach out, that allows you to engage with your existing clients with confidence, and creates a platform for your future social media use!